Albania offers not only a highly skilled workforce, but also the lowest cost in the region. Employment relations between the employer and the employee are regulated by individual or collective employment contracts, based on the Labor Code of the Republic of Albania and Law no. 8549, dated 11.11.1999 "On the status of civil servant".

Albania adheres to all basic labor organizations and international conventions for the protection of workers' rights.



The minimum wage in Albania is 26,000 ALL, approximately 210 euros. The basic minimum monthly wage is paid for 8 hours of work per day.

The maximum salary for the purpose of calculating social security and health insurance contributions is 114,670 ALL (approximately 925 euros).

According to data from INSTAT, the average salary for 2019 (public and private sector) is 52,380 ALL (approximately 423 euros).

The labor force participation rate for the population at the end of 2019 for the 15-64 age group is 69.6%.


Employment by group-sectors

The services sector and the agricultural sector have the highest percentage of employees with 43.5% and 36.4% of the total employees, respectively. It is followed by the manufacturing sector (10.9%), construction (7%) and other industries (2.2%).

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