Albanian government provides strategic support for agriculture

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Agro Iliria Group" has become a beneficiary entity of the strategic investor status. The Executive Director of AIDA, Mr. Sokol Nano, in the capacity of the Secretary of the Strategic Investment Committee (KIS), personally handed over to the investors Mr. Shpëtim Oseku and Mr. Ilir Trebicka the Decision of K.I.S. Nr. 6/9, dated 24.06.2020 in the pomegranate and goji berry plantations in Karavasta.
Mr. Nano highlighted that today Albania needs such investments more than ever. For this he assured Mr. Oseku and Mr. Trebicka that AIDA is fully available to fulfill its functions in front of state bodies and the investor, aiming to realize as well as possible in due time one of the most innovative projects in the field of agriculture.