The introductive guide "How to Commence an E-commerce Business"

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During the online meeting was presented the guide "How to commence an e-commerce business", supports the enterprises and stakeholders in the development of e-commerce.

The guide was prepared by AIDA in collaboration with the World Bank and includes all the important steps for planning, designing, and developing e-commerce, making it the most popular product in the national and international market.

The data generated through this questionnaire are as follows:

The results of the questionnaire emphasized the importance of e-commerce as a sales channel, the obstacles and difficulties of digital transformation, as well as the needs that businesses have in the implementation of e-commerce.

Businesses see digital transformation as an opportunity to easily advertise their range of products and services, to offer the customer a personalized experience, as well as an opportunity to reduce their costs.

For the implementation of digital transformation and e-commerce in their consolidated form, businesses assess the lack of financial resources, the limited IT system, and the lack of a comprehensive digital vision and strategy as the main obstacles.

In the following, the results of the questionnaire will also serve to determine the priorities and interventions by the Government and other actors to improve or strengthen the e-commerce climate in Albania.

To get acquainted with the guide in more detail, we invite you to watch the video of the meeting as well as you can click on the link: