Applications for AIDA funds are made only upon the submission of company representatives or any person authorized by them to our offices.

  • The application shall be filled with the AIDA staff by the applicant himself or by any person authorized by him.
  • The AIDA staff assists the applicant in completing the application form, verifying his identity and requesting the signature of the completed form.
  • The documents shall be presented in the original, in copies with the same probative power as the original, under the applicant’s sole responsibility for the authenticity of the acts taken as true copies of the original.
  • When the application is submitted by the authorized person, together with other documents, the document certifying the authorization must be presented.
  • The AIDA staff is required to receive any application properly filled and completed in accordance with the requirements of this Regulation.
  • The application will be provided with a serial number and registered in the AIDA protocol.