Services to investors under assisted procedures

  • Performance of preparatory actions and preparation of administrative documents by the assisting agent, including the necessary documents accompanying the application, when they are issued by a state administration body, at the request of another organ of state administration;
  • Priority handling and preparation of documentation, issuance of opinions or follow procedures that are included in the activity of state administration bodies represented in the operational group for the preparation and implementation of the strategic investment;
  • Land consolidation;
  • Support programs;
  • Support with ancillary infrastructure;
  • Access to state-owned immovable property for the purposes of developing and executing strategic investment projects, pursuant to the legislation in force.

Services to investors under special procedures

  • Expropriation of immovable assets owned by private persons, to enable the development and execution of strategic investment projects;
  • Approval by the Assembly, when considered by the Council of Ministers, of the relevant strategic investment contracts, upon the request of the strategic investor, in order to increase the safety of regulated legal relationship between it and the Albanian state.