Law no 67/2018 “Strategic Investments in the Republic of Albania”
Law no. 55/2015 “Strategic Investments in the Republic of Albania”
CMD no. 1023, dt. 16/12/2015 “Strategic Subsectors and Priority Development Zones”
CMD no. 1024, dt. 16/12/2015 “Approval of Projects with the Status of Strategic Potential Projects”
CMD no. 1025, dt. 16/12/2015 “Promotion and representation services for strategic investments”
CMD no. 1026, dt. 16/12/2015 “On the evaluation of strategic investment documentation”
CMD no. 1027, dt. 16/12/2015 “Service fees for services to strategic investments”
CMD no. 1028, dt. 16/12/2015 “Specification of margins, rules and documentation of financial guarantees for strategic investments”
CMD no. 1029, dt. 16/12/2015 “On inter institutional cooperation in strategic investments”
CMD no. 1030, dt. 16/12/2015 “Organization and form of state participation in strategic investments and rules on functioning and management of strategic investment immovable property fund”
CMD no. 1031, dt. 16/12/2015 “The rules on the functioning, establishment, management, format, content and security procedures of strategic investments register”
CMD no. 1032, dt. 16/12/2015 “Documentation of agreements between strategic investors and owners of private immovable properties”