1. Where is the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) located?

The address of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) is:
Street. Skerdilajd Llagami, Nd. 1, H. 6, Postal Code 1019, Administrative Unit 2, Tirana
Tel: +355 042 251001
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. How can I contact AIDA?

Via postal: Street. Skerdilajd Llagami, Nd. 1, H. 6, Postal Code 1019, Administrative Unit 2, Tirana
Via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Via phone: +355 (0)42 251 001

3. In case I plan to start a business in Albania, how does AIDA help me?

AIDA is the main agency that promotes investments through identifying investment opportunities. AIDA offers services and support, provides information and counseling, guarantees assistance through the procedural and legal phases of actualizing the investment in Albania to existing and potential investors.

4. Does the Albanian state differentiate between an Albanian and foreign investor?

Foreign investments in the Republic of Albania are not conditioned by a preliminary authorization. They are permitted and treated on the basis of conditions no less favorable than those recognized for local investments under similar conditions, with the exception of land ownership, which is governed by a separate law.

5. What is the aftercare service?

These are services dedicated to the facilitation and continuous development of the economic activity of a company with the purpose of maximizing its contribution to the local economic development.

6. Is the aftercare service offered in local government offices as well?

Yes. AIDA maintains collaborative relations with the main Municipalities of the country. Through the experienced and well-trained staff, the Aftercare services are offered in the main Municipalities of Durrës, Tiranë, Shkodër, Lezhë, Vlorë, Fier, Berat, and Elbasan.

7. Are contributions related to foreign investment allowed to be transferred outside the Albanian territory?

Foreign investors own the right of transferring outside the territory of the Government of Albania all funds and contributions in nature, which are related to a foreign investment.

8. What are strategic investments?

Strategic investments are private, public or public-private partnership investments which apply to get the status of strategic investment/investor, special/assisted procedure.

9. What are TEDA-s?

TEDA (Technologic and Economic Development Area) is a territory separated into specifically designated land plots or buildings and other immovable properties. TEDA-s are developed in accordance to a master plan and are equipped with the necessary infrastructure for production, industrial development, trade and providing services.

10. Can state property be offered to private persons?

State property can be offered to private businesses through the following three ways: sale through privatization, lease, and emphyteusis.

11. What does the 1 Euro contract include?

State property with an area over 500 m2 is given to third parties through lease contracts with a symbolic tariff of 1 (one) euro/contract, with a Decision, varying on the case, of the Council of Ministers.

12. What are the criteria of applying for the strategic status?

An investment project is considered to have strategic potential after the evaluation of 2 (two) main criteria: the sector which the project relates to, and the value of investment (often associated with new jobs).

13. Which are the strategic sectors?

Referring to the legislation on Strategic Investments, the strategic sectors are as follows: Energy and Mining; Transport, Infrastructure of Electronic Communications and Urban Waste; Tourism (Touristic Structures); Agriculture (large agricultural farms) and Fisheries; Technologic and Economic Development Areas; Priority development areas.

14. What are strategic statuses and what are their benefits?

The legislation on strategic investments foresees 2 (two) types of strategic statuses that can be obtained by investors, which have respective benefits as follows:
a) Assisted Procedure; b) Special Procedure.

Potential investors may apply to AIDA to obtain one of the aforementioned statuses.

15. Is there a minimal or maximal value of investment?

Strategic investments range from 1 million Euros to 50 million Euros, while some sectors require the opening of a number of new jobs as well.

16. What are the services that AIDA offers in aid of Albanian SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)?

Some of the services that AIDA offers to Albanian SMEs are: new financing schemes; participation in fairs and business meetings; counseling; new partnerships.

17. What are the funds that AIDA administers in aid of Albania SME-s?

  • a) Competitiveness Fund
  • b) Creative Economy Fund
  • c) Start-Up Fund
  • d) Innovation Fund

Important note: Below mentioned grant schemes have been active until the end of 2019. AIDA will inform SMEs once the new grant schemes will be available.

18. Where can I find information regarding fairs, and what are the costs covered by AIDA?

On the website of AIDA you can find the list of national and international fairs, as well as information on fairs and expos that are expected to be organized in the future.

19. Are there tariffs on the export of goods?

The tariff on the export of goods from the territory of the Republic of Albania is 0% (zero) without any other restrictive measures, quotas, prohibitions or any other tariff and nontariff restrictions. No export tax applies to Albanian exports.

20. Where can I find the promotional materials of AIDA?

The promotional materials of AIDA can be found on the website of AIDA, under the “News and Publications” rubric, as well as in the offices of AIDA and other state institutions.

21. What projects are being implemented by AIDA and how can I benefit from them?

The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) is currently implementing 3 projects co-financed by the European Union.

1. Enterprise Europe Network (AIDA – Lead Partner)

European Enterprise Network assists companies to develop innovation and expand their activity in the international market.

2. Blue Boost (AIDA Associated partner)

AIDA is a supporting partner of the Blue Boost project, which aims to increase the potential of transferring knowledge and technology.

23. Which institutions and organizations are part of the innovation ecosystem in Albania?

The number of organizations and institutions in support of innovation in business is continuously on the rise. Below you may find a list with different actors in the innovation ecosystem, according to their respective fields: The Government; Bank and Microcredit, Portals/Media, Associations and Chambers of Commerce, various service providers, Donators, Business Incubators, Human resources.